4:34pm March 25, 2013

Words, like nails
hitting profound slamming
straight into my gut.
Words, of a wizard
who dances in shadows
around the boiling pot
the seer, the shapeshifting
Words, of master who
tickles my mind and leads
me through the garden
of remembering.
Words, of stoic lover
who hides in the shadows
of ocean waves.
Words, of the wolf
seductive bedroom charm
whose harem is waiting
for fears defeat.
Words, of the seductress
charming spiritual enchantress
who weaves with
Words, of the philosophers
and young beautiful men
In poetic satin sheets.
Words, of the Artist
free thinking
mahogany eyed
barley drinking racer.
Words of a King
(no shit, fuck off)
This is real
Poetically &
Passionately stated.
Words, of drifters
who grasp the mind
and spill it forth
as the star dust
in ink blot blood

And, my words
unpredictable, reflecting
my story as told by
the universe.

(Can you guess these poets?)

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